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Center for Career Education - This Week at CCE: Dec 12-16, 2011

Happy last day of classes!

While you're enjoying a much needed vacation, don't pass up any opportunities to advance your job or internship search. Other job seekers may be taking a break so this is your chance to step up and stand out. When you're attending events or catching up with old friends, the holidays can be a great time of year to make connections (network). They also offer a great excuse to check in with your mentors and former supervisors and leverage your contacts. After the New Year, use some of your remaining downtime to research potential positions and develop your application materials. Check out these articles for more information on the value of job/internship searching during the holidays:

Good luck with exams!


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City Year Shadow Day - Thursday, Jan. 5th
Meet City Year corps members, staff, and other students interested in making a difference with City Year. Learn about how to get involved with City Year as a college student or after graduation. Opportunity for in person interview for applications already submitted. For more information, please contact Diana Vining


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