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Center for Career Education - This Week at CCE: Aug. 29-Sept. 2, 2011

Welcome back!

We hope you've had a wonderful summer and a trouble-free tropical storm experience! Before classes and activities pick-up, now is the perfect time to investigate, register for, and integrate into your semester CCE workshops, events, and employer information sessions. See our program of events for details. Also, set up a job agent on LionSHARE to be notified of internships/jobs and meet with a counselor to create a plan for your year. Call (212) 854-5609 to schedule an appointment or stop by CCE for walk-in hours , which will begin Tuesday, Sept. 6. We look forward to seeing you!


Columbia Career Connections has a new home!
The Center for Career Education has now upgraded Columbia Career Connections to a LinkedIn Group! This new format will allow for better connections amongst your classmates and alumni for the purpose of career exploration and job search. To support you in fully utilizing the LinkedIn profile, navigate LinkedIn groups, and discuss the job search process within LinkedIn, we also are offering LinkedIn Labs during September and October. Check out our events calendar for more information on dates and times.

Looking to fund an internship/research opportunity?
You may be eligible for the Work Exemption Program (WEP). WEP is part Columbia University's enhanced financial aid program for undergraduate students in Columbia College and Columbia Engineering and is designed to enable financial aid recipients to take advantage of experiential learning opportunities. The deadline for the Fall semester is Tuesday, Sept. 20th. To learn more, visit the CCE website .

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