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CC Drop Deadline is TOMORROW!! - Tuesday, February 25

TOMORROW!!! -  TUESDAY (2/25) is the last day for Columbia College students to DROP a Spring 2014 class without the mark of W.  After TOMORROW (2/25) you have until Thursday, March 27 to withdraw from a course and recieve a W.

If you plan to DROP a class, please use new SSOL electronic add/drop to drop a class.  Please note: With the new electronic add/drop, students must complete the add/drop before it goes through.  Double check your SSOL screen to make sure the adds/drops have gone through BY Tuesday, Feb. 25.

Students can also talk to their advisers about potential drops.  Please see your Advising Dean during CSA Walk-in Advising today and tomorrow between 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.

**This does not apply to CORE classes. The CORE drop deadline has already passed!

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Withdrawing from a course (mark of W):

Columbia College students can now elect to withdraw from a non-Core course after the drop deadline in the fifth week of the semester (which this semester is February, 25, 2014) until the P/D/F deadline in the eleventh week of the semester (which this semester is March 27, 2014). This is a change to previous policy which allowed Columbia College students to withdraw (receive a mark of W) only by petitioning the Committee on Academic Standing in our Center for Student Advising.

If you elect to withdraw from a course during this time, the course will remain on your transcript and the mark of W, but no points of academic credit, will be recorded for that course. Each student is responsible for maintaining a full-time status (12 points a semester) and those who do not may face academic probation, suspension or dismissal from the College.

To elect a mark of W, you must complete a Columbia College Acknowledgement of Course Withdrawal and a Registration/Add/Drop Form and take them to the Center for Student Advising in 403 Lerner for processing. The mark of W will be recorded on your behalf. Please note that it is strongly recommended that you have an advising conversation before you elect to withdraw from a course.

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The last day to DROP a class for SEAS students:
Thursday, March 27, 2014


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