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New Course: Human-Centered Design

Human-Centered Design

New course announcement – Spring 2017, 5 Fridays, March 24 – April 29

The fall 2016 version of this class was oversubscribed, so we are pleased to offer it again this spring, as a 1.5 credit option.



Lecture course, Anthropology UN2003 (ANTHV2003) –– 3 credits  Instructor: Rune Steenberg (rsr2151)


This course seeks to disentangle the current political, social and economic dynamics in Inner Asia, Eurasia's landlocked heartland. Central themes we will explore the interactions of include:

— Life time dictators, nationalism, ethnic conflicts, revolutions;

— large weddings, closely knit social networks, rampant corruption;

New Class: 1st-Year Seminar in Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology

EEEB UN1005 
1st Year Seminar in Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology 
Spring 2017  Tuesday 2:40-3:30
Credits: 1, Pass/Fail 

Learn Yiddish This Semester

Our Yiddish language classes offer not only an introduction to the language that has been spoken by the Ashkenazi Jews for more than a millennium, but also an opportunity to discover the amazing world of Yiddish literature, and culture. Using new media, games and music, as well as field trips to Yiddish theater, Yiddish-speaking neighborhoods, and Yiddish organizations, you'll learn how to speak, read, listen and write in a language that gives you access to the enormously rich Yiddish culture that waits for new explorers.

New Course: Telling LGBT History HIST GU 4547

"Telling LGBT History," HIST GU 4547  Instructors: David Eisenbach and Sarah Witte. W 12:10-2PM, 302 Fayerweather. LGBT history is a story that has just begun to be told. By focusing on LGBT history, this course will explore how history gets told to a popular audience. Students will learn the process of telling popular history from gathering archival material, to writing a good story, to presenting it in books, film/television and museum exhibits. Working directly with artifacts in the archives students will learn how to view artifacts with an eye to raising new questions.

New Course: Anthropology UN2003: Social Dynamics of Inner Asia

Anthropology UN2003: Dynamics of Power, Institutions, and Society in Inner Asia

Inner Asia, positioned at the intersection of many great historical civilizations, is a region historically in flux, featuring great mobility of people, material, and ideas. This course explores the dynamic interactions, both historical and contemporary, of politics, identity and economy in Inner Asia in a transnational interdisciplinary framework.

Summer 2016 in the Directory of Classes

Summer courses have just been posted in the Directory of Classes! Register beginning Feb. 29 if you want to dive deeper into a topic, try something new, or get ahead in your academic plan. Talk with your advisers to determine if you meet eligibility requirements, if classes fulfill graduation requirements, and whether summer classes may affect your financial aid.


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