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Peer Adviser Post: Finals

Peer Adviser Post: Finals
By Aniekeme Umoh, SEAS '15

The semester is wrapping up and finals are around the corner. This is the last stretch. While it’s easy to lose motivation at this point, it pays now more than ever to keep it up.

As for the last week of classes, score last-minute participation points now (if applicable). As for reading week and finals in general: 


Peer Adviser Post: Thanksgiving Break

Peer Adviser Post: Thanksgiving Break
By Jessica Geddes, CC '16

American Thanksgiving will be here soon, along with a much-needed break from academics. There are many different ways that Columbia students spend the holiday, and there’s no single “right way” to do Thanksgiving break. The most important thing is to return to school relaxed and rejuvenated so you can end your semester on a high note.



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