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Getting Things Done Groups at the CSA!

Do you often find yourself:

Seeking Tutors $15 an Hour

The CSA is seeking tutors for the following classes.  If you believe you may qualify in one of these areas and are interested in tutoring some of your peers, please consider applying asap. 

Calculus IV

Applied Math

Linear Algebra

Statistics W1211

Help Rooms and Tutoring - Spring 2013


The following list of private tutors and departmental help rooms is intended as a resource for Columbia students seeking extra academic help.  This is all publicly available information, culled from the web pages of the academic departments.  CSA does not sponsor any of these tutoring resources.  Students should always first contact their professor or TA if they are having difficulties in a course.



Starting with:

# (2)
2 (6)
3 (1)
A (94)
B (43)
C (384)
D (61)
E (91)
F (67)
G (33)
H (43)
I (101)
J (34)
K (4)
L (34)
M (67)
N (30)
O (61)
P (175)
Q (1)
R (29)
S (217)
T (57)
U (30)
V (9)
W (41)
Z (1)