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Biology for Nonscientists: Fall 2011

Looking to fulfill your science requirement? Interested in biology but not rote memorization? There are two biology courses specifically designed for you! 

These are not watered-down versions of the biology for majors, but courses specially designed for nonscience students who want to be able to understand how living things work. This is your chance to find out how modern biology affects your life. Why all the fuss about stem cells? How good is forensic DNA evidence? Should there be a DNA data base with YOUR DNA in it? 

Take these courses and find out! These courses are challenging enough to be interesting, but not heavy enough to be stressfull. You won't waste your time and tuition, but you won't work up a heavy sweat either.

The two courses are Biology W1015x, Molecular Biology and Evolution for Nonscientists, and Biology W1130y, Genes and Development. M.B.& E. is offered in the fall, and G.& D. is offerred in the spring. M.B.& E has no prerequisites; G. & D. requires only the fall course or high school biology.

For details of the fall course, W1015, M.B. & E,  go to:

For details of the spring course, W1130, go to:

For more information, contact the instructors.


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