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Apply for the Kadar Fellowship (9/20)

The Yiddish Language Program is pleased to offer the KADAR FELLOWSHIP to students who will commit to at least three semesters of Yiddish language classes at Columbia. Winners of the KADAR FELLOWSHIP will participate in the Naomi Kadar International Yiddish Summer at Tel Aviv University, followed by a week-long trip to Poland - “Exploring Yiddishland” – led by a Columbia Faculty member in the summer of 2017. For more information see:

This is a fantastic opportunity to fulfill the language requirement in 3 semesters and spend a free summer abroad! If students have already fulfilled the language requirement, the Kadar Fellowship enables them to accumulate 16 points, which can count toward a Concentration in Yiddish (24 points required) or Major Track in Yiddish (30 points needed). 

Below is information about the Yiddish classes offered this semester. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Professor Agi Legutko (

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