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Covid-19 Testing for Undergraduates

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All Columbia College and Columbia Engineering undergraduates living on or accessing campus — for any purpose, duration or frequency — are required to adhere to the University Covid-19 testing protocols

For spring term, students in residence will be required to take twice-weekly Covid-19 PCR (nasal swab) tests.  

Students accessing campus will be required to complete these protocols each time they visit campus.


Students remain accountable to the testing compliance process. Failure to comply in testing protocol will:

  • jeopardize your campus access;

  • trigger a registration hold on your student account; and 

  • subject you to possible removal from Columbia Housing.

How do I know if I’m not compliant?

Students residing on campus will be out of compliance with the Health Compact for reasons including but not limited to the following:

  • failure to adhere to any health/safety requirement outlined in the Columbia Community Health Compact. Note that students will be held responsible for any activity that occurs on or off campus that puts another Columbia community member’s health at risk;

  • missing one or both mandatory COVID-19 tests in one week; and

  • failure to register a trip through the Travel Form, to provide complete travel information or to update travel information when plans change. 

Disciplinary process

Students are considering “out-of-compliance” through violation will be subject the following disciplinary actions:

First Compact violation: The student will receive a written warning from a compliance officer, with a copy to Student Conduct and Community Standards, their advising dean and their Residence Hall Director, if applicable.

Second Compact violation: The student will be placed on Conditional Disciplinary Probation, and their advising dean and parents or guardians will be notified.

Third Compact violation: The student will be referred to Dean’s Discipline for consideration of Disciplinary Probation and removal from housing.

Testing Schedule

Each residence hall will have designated testing days on which those residential students must schedule testing appointments, through the Columbia Health Online Patient Portal

You must test twice-weekly.

Test Lion Test


East Campus

Monday and Thursday

John Jay

Tuesday and Friday


Students are encouraged to test at Lerner but you may also sign up for testing at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) site, if needed.

Follow these steps for your testing appointment:



Schedule both your tests 7 days in advance



Save your appointment confirmations and set calendar reminders



Show up on time! Don't miss a test!



Repeat every week!

The adherence and cooperation of every member of our community is crucial to making the testing initiative successful in monitoring and prevention outbreaks at Columbia and in our neighboring community.

Step-by-Step appointment instructions

To make a weekly testing appointment:

  1. Go to the Online Patient Portal ( to log in with your UNI and password.

  2. Select “Appointments” from the main menu.

  3. Select “COVID-19 Required testing — Morningside (Lerner Hall).”

    Indicate your affiliation as “CC/SEAS/GS undergraduates”
  4. The next screen will ask if this is your first test. Answer “No” if you have already been tested and click “Continue.”

    The next screen will ask if this is your first test.
  5. Indicate your affiliation as “CC/SEAS/GS undergraduates.”

    Indicate your affiliation as “CC/SEAS/GS undergraduates”
  6. Select one of the available days and times, and click “Continue.”

    Select one of the available days and times, and click “Continue.”
  7. On the final screen, click “Schedule” to confirm your appointment.

    On the final screen, click “Schedule” to confirm your appointment.

Once your appointment is scheduled, the system will display a QR code to either print out or screenshot with your phone. This provides you with a touchless way to check in at your testing appointment. You can always access your unique QR code by logging back into the Online Patient Portal. If you are unable to schedule through the Online Patient Portal, or if you have any questions about weekly testing, email for assistance.


To reduce the spread of Covid-19, the University continues to implement travel restrictions, limiting any non-essential travel. Students are strongly discouraged from traveling for all but personal or family emergencies.

Students living on campus who must travel are required to submit their travel dates and destination through the Travel Form.

All local, state and federal travel restrictions and CDC guidance should be followed.

Read about the Updated New York State Travel Guidance to learn more about how travel to and from New York will affect testing and quarantine requirements.

Additional Tips