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River Canoeing (ROP)

ROP (Columbia Outdoor River Orientation Program) participants will canoe down the Delaware River on the border of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey for four days. Each group of approximately fifteen first-years is accompanied by four student leaders, ensuring an exuberant and lively group dynamic. After paddling and floating down the beautiful Delaware River Gap each day, ROPers spend evenings munching on food, enjoying each others’ company, and playing group games around the fire. All of the food and gear necessary for the trip will be carried in the canoes in watertight bags. The only requirement for participants is the ability to swim. No prior camping or canoeing experience is necessary. For more information about the river, visit the Delaware Water Gap website; for more information about our route and canoe outfitter, visit the Indian Head Canoes ( website.

Packing List

Everything on the packing list is present for good reason. ROPers who forget something may pick up the item during a pre-departure trip to EMS, but shopping should not be left until then.

ROPers should keep in mind that everything below needs to squeeze into a small dry bag (sealable, water-proof, river-worthy bag), so they should pack conservatively but thoroughly. COÖP can provide you a dry bag if you do not have one.

ROPers should not bring cotton. Past participants note, "It will get wet and will NEVER dry (at least not during the trip), and wet cotton does not keep you warm."


  • Swimsuit
  • T-shirt, polypropylene or polyester
  • Thermal underwear, top and bottom, wool or polypropylene
  • Non-cotton long sleeve shirt, wool or polypropylene
  • Fleece jacket or sweatshirt
  • Rain gear, top and bottom
  • Wool socks, 2 pairs
  • Water shoes/sandal options (must stay on in the river):Tevas (avoid Velcro), Crocs, or booties
  • Camp shoes: something comfortable that can be squished into a dry bag (old sneakers are a smart choice)
  • Pants of some sort for camp: whatever packs small and feels nice (tights under shorts okay) 
  • Small towel


  • 30L dry bag (waterproof bag to keep items dry, will be provided by COÖP)
  • Sleeping bag, down or synthetic only (can be provided by COÖP)
  • 4 one-liter water bottles (Nalgenes recommended); COÖP bottles can be purchased for $25 each
  • Mess kit: unbreakable bowl & mug, plus a fork, spoon, and knife (compact Swiss-Army type utensil kits are best)
  • Sunscreen lotion and bug repellant (non-aerosol)
  • Toiletries: toothbrush, contact solution, etc.
  • Extra contacts or glasses (bring a way to tie on glasses to prevent loss)
  • Headlamp/flashlight


  • Warm hat (wool/fleece)
  • Sunglasses (bring a way to tie on glasses to prevent loss)
  • Disposable camera
  • Crazy Creek chair: small, portable, folding camping seat; much-coveted ROP accessory–very nice & comfy for the campfire, the canoe, etc.
  • Sun Hat, big and floppy type
  • Swiss Army Knife or small outdoor utility knife



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