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Life After Graduation

Graduation marks the end of a pivotal chapter, but your Columbia experience is far from over. Whatever your post-graduation plans may be, you have the full might of the Columbia community behind you, ready to support you at every step. You are part of this family for life — and in the years ahead, your connection to Columbia will become as strong and patinated as Alma Mater herself!

A multitude of resources are available to you: both continued from your time as a student and new as an alum.

Continued Resources

Career exploration and advice

The Center for Career Education supports alumni for life, to define career goals and strategize search plans as you pursue meaningful work experiences, now or later in your journey. 

Counselors at the Center for Career Education are available to meet with you when you need it and you can enjoy a wealth of career resources and networking events we offer, long after graduation

Advice for pre-professional careers

Pre-professional advisers are prepared to discuss career paths like medicine, health and law, to help you assess your interest as well as to guide you through the pre-professional school application process. Sign up for pre-professional news updates to hear about programs and events, or connect with an expert adviser at any time, just as you would today.

Support for fellowships and research

If you are interested in pursuing research or fellowship opportunities post-graduation, Undergraduate Research & Fellowships offers a variety of workshops, events and advising to help you explore these exciting opportunities

University Clubs

With nearly 40 University alumni clubs in the United States and Puerto Rico and more than 40 international clubs that host both networking and social events, you will never be far from fellow alumni.

New and exciting opportunities as a Columbia alum

Upon graduation, you will join a global community of nearly 330,000 alumni. As you move through the world, you’re going to realize the power of the Columbia network is greater than you imagined — if you engage with it. Your Alumni Association is your primary gateway to this lifelong community.

You will automatically become a member of the Columbia College Alumni Association (CCAA) or Columbia Engineering Alumni Association (CEAA) when you graduate. A few highlighted benefits include:

Columbia College Alumni Association

Columbia College Alumni Association

The Odyssey Mentoring Program offers new graduates the chance to get advice and support from older alumni in a College alumni network that is more than 50,000 strong.

Be on the lookout for special events from both CCAA and Columbia College Young Alumni, including networking events, talks with alumni experts and more. 

Columbia Engineering Alumni Association

Columbia Engineering Alumni Association
Stay connected, make an impact, and take advantage of the services, opportunities, and resources available to you as a Columbia Engineering graduate through CEAA.

Columbia Alumni Association

Columbia Alumni Association logo

Upon graduation, you will also automatically become a member of the University-wide Columbia Alumni Association (CAA), which gives you access to the nearly 80 University alumni clubs across the United States and Puerto Rico and receive access to a lifetime email account, special discounts, and other offers.


Countdown to Graduation

We look forward to celebrating the Columbia College and Columbia Engineering Class of 2021!

The College's Class Day ceremony will take place on Wednesday, April 28, followed by Engineering's ceremony on Thursday, April 29.

Learn more about this year's ceremonies and celebrations.