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Peer Adviser Post: Upcoming Deadlines

by Dylan Cooper, CC'18 Alert! There are major deadlines are approaching! It’s time to mark your calendars to make sure you are on top your academic game.

November 14 — Spring Registration

Registration is next week, y’all, and the peer advisers are celebrating by hosting a Cookies & Conversation event in John Jay lounge this Sunday, November 13 from 7-9 p.m.! We’ll be there to answer any academic and registration questions you have and hand out Insomnia Cookies and hot cocoa (aka the best college combo). Oh, and did I mention StressBusters will be there too?! Be sure to use Vergil this semester to plan out a schedule and meet with your adviser to keep yourself on track!

November 17 — Last Day to P/D/F or Withdraw from a Class

Yes, you read that right. Thursday, November 17 is the last day this semester to change your grading option to P/D/F or choose to withdraw from a class (resulting in a W notation on your transcript in place of a letter grade).

The Pass/D/Fail option allows students to be enrolled in certain classes without the pressure of receiving a letter grade at the end of the term. This option can alleviate a whole lot of stress for students, especially underclassmen, who are not entirely sure about their intended major.

Remember, you can always uncover a P/D/F and get a letter grade for a class within two weeks into the spring semester if you do well in the course – the best of both worlds!

There are limitations, however. Students can only P/D/F one course per semester (not including classes given with only a pass/fail option like PhysEd). Also, all Core classes must receive a letter grade to earn credits.

How it works: Any grade that is C- or above will show up as Pass on one’s transcript, but a final grade of D or lower  will appear on transcript and affect one’s GPA.

If this feels like the right option for you, fill out a Registration Adjustment Form and bring it to the Center for Student Advising (CSA) in 403 Lerner. Also, make an appointment with your academic adviser!

November 17 — Columbia Engineering Drop Deadline

And alas, the SEAS drop deadline has finally arrived. This coming Thursday also marks the last day to take the following actions:

  • DROP a Class (SEAS)
  • Register for R credit
  • Change a regular course to a Pass/D/Fail course or a Pass/D/Fail course to a regular course
  • Withdraw from an individual course and receive a notation of “W” on the transcript in place of a letter grade

Good luck with registration and making these important decisions! Let me know if I can help out in any way!

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