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Information for Columbia College First-Year Core Classes

The Frontiers of Science lecture is the same for all students and cannot be changed. Students may use the REPLACE function on SSOL to change their Frontiers of Science discussion sections or Literature Humanities class on their own.  If online replacement is not possible, students can submit a petition to the Core Office in 202 Hamilton to request a FOS section change starting September 5 at 9 AM.

The best way to change your University Writing section is for you to find someone with whom to trade sections. If you find someone with whom to trade, both of you should come in person to 310 Philosophy Hall during the week of NSOP to make the trade.

If you do not find someone with whom to trade, you may still submit a petition to change your University Writing section. All petitions must be submitted to 310 Philosophy Hall, by Wednesday, August 30 at 4pm. Please note that we do not over-enroll University Writing sections for any reason.

Columbia College students with a compelling reason to reverse the order of their enrollment in University Writing and Frontiers of Science may fill out an in-person petition in the Writing Center (310 Philosophy) no later than Wednesday, August 30 at 4pm. Petitions must include a strong argument as to why one course should take precedence over the other. Even with a compelling reason, the granting of a petition is not automatic, as it depends on availability in both University Writing and Frontiers of Science.


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