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2015 Honorees

The following students are being honored with a variety of awards and honors this spring, including the King's Crown Leadership Excellence Awards, Senior Marshals, Named Awards, and Class Day Awards.

King's Crown Leadership Excellence Awards

The King's Crown Leadership Excellence Awards recognize student and student group leadership and contributions across eight categories listed below.  Honorees receive a Certificate of Distinction for Leadership Excellence in their noted category.  Select honorees also received the Dean's Award for Leadership Excellence in their category, indicated by an asterisk below.

Community Building 

Anastasia Anazonwu is recognized for her very warm and welcoming nature and her role as a rock for the multicultural community. As the keynote speaker for Perspectives on Diversity, Anastasia received a standing ovation from faculty, administrators, and peers. Her commitment to the Multicultural Recruitment Committee was summed up by her nominator who stated, “She has an extremely strong sense of introspection and self-understanding – qualities that not only made her love Columbia passionately, but also made her the perfect candidate for working with our prospective students of color and low income student to find a community at Columbia.”

Ebunoluwa Andrew is recognized for dedicating her time and energy to build community both on and off campus within the International student community at Columbia. On top of her considerable effort to build community, Ebun also supports the global community through the organization of a non-profit service project in which she distributes gloves, socks, and water to underpaid domestic workers in Saudia Arabia as well as garage sales to raise funds to support children of widows to go to school in Nigeria.           

Kareem Carryl is recognized for the significant contribution he has made to the Columbia community through his service as the President of the class of 2015 as well as an executive board member of the Columbia College Student Ambassadors. While balancing his very significant responsibilities outside of these commitments, Kareem has dedicated a significant amount of time and effort towards the cultivation of successful and healthy student body. According to his nominator, “Not only does he make a great first impression, he makes a lasting one. He is extremely dedicated to his role as CCSC 2015 President and is a fierce advocate for his classmate’s experience.”

Lilian Chow is recognized for her demonstration of inclusivity, one of the core values of the community building category.  On all levels, Lilian worked to connect people to one another specifically around faith. As a strong leader within Columbia Faith and Action, Columbia Crown and Cross, and Columbia’s Journal of Christian Thought; the nominator summed Lilian Chow up by stating “Few people have had such a wide-reaching impact on a single community she has had on the Christian community here at Columbia.”

Melissa Fich is recognized for her significant impact within her residential community where she serves as the Resident Advisor. Based on this recipient’s nomination they have maintained a strong presence within the community and has also been a strong advocate for the residence halls leadership organization. According to their nominator, “Melissa exemplifies the Columbia spirit through her interactions with friends, residents, coworkers, strangers, as well as her efforts in Residential Life to make the shared Columbia experience better for all students.”

Emerald Gearing is recognized for her role as Community Advisor within Residential Life. She has planned a steady stream of events fostering community for Columbia students. In her responsibilities as a community advisor she has taken it upon herself to be a strong leader amongst a team of student leaders. This candidate has an eclectic range of interests and digs deep in her toolbox to create an equally eclectic range of experiences for members of the Columbia community. From the Fall Garden party to Yoga programs within the hall, her nominator states “I have seen the growth of community and attribute it to the work she has done on campus.”

Kathilee Kenlock is recognized for shifting the programming model, conversation and education, from an inward dialogue to an outward exchange of beliefs and ideas through her work with Proud Colors. Serving as both a chair of Women’s History Month, a coordinator in Sister Circle, as well as in the planning of the Students of Color Leadership retreat, this recipient demonstrated their commitment to Columbia campus life while living off campus. 

John Kotey  is recognized for being someone that warms your heart when you see him.  The nominator stated “Despite his tight schedule he would spend many hours talking with most of us and sharing his experiences as well as providing guidance to our concerns.” Through his service as a Resident Advisor for the office of Residential Life, President of the African Student Association, and the creation of the Freshman Mentorship Initiative, this recipient has demonstrated that he is always trying to better the community and the lives of those around him.

Demarttice Tunstall is recognized for his embodiment of the idea of community, which can be seen through the simple act of a smile. Inclusive of people in his daily interactions, Marty greets those he meets in their native language. He is an instinctual community builder who shares his story in the hope of helping others to navigate their own personal journey around identity. The nominators go on to state, “Anything that Demarttice has spearheaded reinforces Columbia’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity and have helped build community across differences.”

Lilly Wang is recognized for being a strong advocate for the engineering population. This candidate has worked with the Office of Undergraduate Admission for three years and in that time she has been able to strengthen the community of over 100 tour guides. She has demonstrated strong problem solving skills with the incorporation of kindness on all levels. According to her nominator, “What I admire most about her is her dedication to the community around her. She has been able to collaborate with many different students and groups all the while making Columbia a better place.”

Civic Responsibility

Beulah Agbagiaka is recognized for her work in bringing discussions of justice and equity to the forefront both on campus and beyond Columbia. As a founding member of Students Against Mass Incarceration, Beulah has successfully raised awareness about the prison industrial complex on campus, in New York, and even on a national level. Additionally, as chair of Black History Month, Beulah worked to create an inclusive platform for groups of different identities to celebrate together. 

Ryan Elivo is recognized for his deep and abiding commitment to sustainability and addressing the problem of global climate change. A thoughtful leader and nuanced thinker, Ryan’s engagement in the issue of sustainability is apparent in all that he does. His roles on campus include Director of Academic Affairs for the Student Union for Sustainable Development, Editor in Chief of Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development, and Social Media Manager of Sustainability Media Lab.                               

Devin Etcitty is recognized for his desire to serve others, especially those in under-resourced communities, as a socially responsible engineer. A strong contributor to the Columbia community, Devin hosts many prospective students, offering an important perspective on what it’s like to be a student in SEAS as well as in the Native and Indigenous community. Devin is also active on the Native American Council and with the Columbia Mentoring Initiative.

Luke Foster is recognized for his ability to respectfully engage others in campus-wide discussions both individually and through Columbia organizations. Luke has served as President of the Veritas Forum for two years, engaging a wide Columbia audience to collaborate, participate, and ponder topics such as culture, politics, and faith. His leadership role as chairman and founder of the John Jay Debate Society has also allowed Luke to contribute to and involve others in inclusive, campus-wide discussions.

Othanya Garcia is recognized for her commitment to bettering the health and wellbeing of all those around her. Othanya’s commitments both on and off campus are guided by a desire to help others; she has been involved in Manhattan House, Cultural Heritage Month, Charles Drew Premedical Society, Grupo Quisqueyano, and A Friend for Rachel, among others

Lorenzo Gibson is recognized for his thoughtful leadership and commitment to creating inclusive dialogue for men of color. As co-chair of the Men of Color Alliance, an organization in which Lorenzo has held a leadership role since his first year at Columbia, he has exhibited innovation and inclusivity in the way that he engages others in difficult discussions about identity and diversity. Beyond Columbia, Lorenzo has worked to cultivate opportunities for youth engagement in these discussions.

David Kang is recognized for his tireless advocacy for campus political participation. David has held leadership positions in the College Democrats, the Columbia Political Union, the Political Science Students Association, and student government. His work toward establishing Voting Week and commitment to helping numerous Columbia students register to vote will leave a lasting impression on the Columbia community.

Sharon Liao is recognized for her passion for civic engagement and her commitment to increasing the involvement of girls in STEM fields. A Kenneth Cole Community Engagement Fellow and head of the Community Impact Leadership Program, Sharon serves as an advocate and educator for those on campus and beyond.

Melissa Quintana* passion for working with underprivileged communities is apparent through her work as Outreach Director and Vice President of Columbia Youth for Debate; she has worked to enhance and grow the organization’s membership by over 100%. Melissa has also had a significant impact as Vice President of the Columbia Democrats, bringing to the forefront issues of race, class, socioeconomic status, and access to healthcare. 

Asha Ransby-Sporn is recognized for her strong leadership among the activist groups on campus and beyond. In addition to her work building a strong movement for Columbia Prison Divest, Asha has been an active resident of the Intercultural Resource Center for the past two years, a lead organizer in the "die in" that occurred on campus, a founding member of WORD/CIRCA, and a member of the Black History Month Committee. 

Innovation and Enhancement

Allie Carrieri is recognized for improving the communication and collaboration within the performing arts community.  Allie has led the Columbia University Performing Arts League to record attendance at its season preview session and helped CUPAL become more accessible to a wider range of performing arts groups.

Andrew Demas* is recognized for developing strong social media platforms for Undergraduate Admissions.  Andrew has created hashtags, developed new ways to connect prospective students with undergrads, and created the “weekly roar”.  Andrew is noted not only for implementing these programs but for creating the structures to ensure they continue after he graduates.

Jasmin Feliciano is recognized for the restructuring of the Student Organization of Latinos to address the needs and mission of the organization.  Jasmin, through her work with sol, made a deep impact in bringing different communities together and how the Office of Multicultural Affairs connects with these communities. 

Erica Getto is recognized for establishing formalized policies, systems and language for the student board of WKCR, Columbia’s student run radio station, as well as improving its transparency.  Erica ushered the radio station through a transitional period and into a new phase of stream lined processes and high student morale.

Supriya Jain is recognized for enhancing and strengthening the Columbia Urban Experience program.  Supriya added three new sites for CUE to better reflect the full range of NYC’s social needs and focused the participant discussions to address specific issues of our community.  Supriya spearheaded new leader-led workshops for CUE participants providing them with a broader understanding of the Columbia experience.

Jackson Tse* is recognized for enriching the transfer student experience and enhancing programs with the Alumni office through the Columbia College Student Ambassador program.  Jackson co-founded the Peer Connector Network, a mentorship program for incoming transfer and combined plan students, and through his role as Vice President of CCSC, Jackson developed “From Transfer to Transfer,” an informal meet and greet for transfer students.

Robert Ying is recognized for major advancements in both ESC financial management and residence life.  Robert streamlined the Funding at Columbia University website – creating a “one-stop shop” with clean and clear information for students and group leaders.  Robert’s work as a CA and RA for Residence Life simplified the process for allocating duty days and established programs such as “Oscar Night” which have already become traditions.

Columbia Spirit 

Eyvana Bengochea is recognized for her work promoting school spirit on campus as well as within the alumni community. She was on the first Columbia College Student Ambassadors board and used to be chair of Spirit and Tradition before taking on the role of Vice President. As a leader within CCSA, she has been involved with events such as the Alumni Tree Lighting Ceremony and Giving Day.  She actively works to cultivate school spirit amongst peers as a member of the cheerleading team and has worked to promote dialogue and political engagement across campus as president of the Columbia University College Republicans.

Jocelyn Bon is recognized for her commitment to Columbia as seen in her involvement with the women's rowing team and the Senior Fund. As Captain of the Women's Rowing Team, she has shown her spirit as a resilient leader who has shown integrity, pride, and enthusiasm. This passion for Columbia has extended to her work with the Senior Fund and the Alumni Association, through which she has worked to encourage and deepen student and alumni commitment to Columbia.

John Michael Fisher is recognized for the positive impact he has had and the spirit he has conveyed as a talented performer, treasurer of CMTS, and a leader among all theater groups. His infectious positivity and enthusiasm have improved the spirits and experiences of those who work with him both on and off the stage.

Mariah Gladstone is recognized for her work as a committed mentor, advocate and leader in the Native American Council, Columbia Mentoring Initiative and the Multicultural Recruitment Committee. As a leader within NAC and CMI, she has exemplified Columbia spirit by cultivating community and through her mentorship and support of others. She has also served as a dedicated and innovative leader serving as co-chair of NAHM for the past two years. 

Melissa Kaufman Gomez is recognized for the leadership and enthusiasm she has already displayed as a leader in the Undergraduate Admissions Multicultural Recruitment Committee. As a co-chair of the Multicultural Recruitment Committee, she has worked to cultivate community within the membership, and has lead initiatives on how to convey what makes Columbia a unique and supportive place to prospective students and families. She exemplifies her spirit through her mentorship and support of peers and those who are not even a part of our community yet!

Kelly Luis is recognized for her work as a generous, caring, and enthusiastic representative of Columbia's community through her active involvement with the Multicultural Recruitment Committee and Malama Hawaii. She has been an incredible representative of the university and the diverse and welcoming community we have here. Kelly has shown her spirit and passion through her commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for students from all backgrounds.

Claire Sheridan is recognized for her dedication to representing the Columbia experience and embodying Columbia spirit as a leader of the Undergraduate Admissions Recruitment Committee and the Global Recruitment Committee. She has dedicated countless hours throughout her four years as well as summers to share her experiences with prospective students and families on campus as well as abroad and has served as the face of Columbia for many who have visited us in Morningside Heights.  Claire is also the recipient of the Richard H. Fox Memorial Prize.

Adrian Silver is recognized for promoting Columbia spirit to prospective and current students as well as alumni. As a valued member of the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee as well as Columbia College Student Ambassadors, Adrian has served as a representative of the university and has promoted spirit and engagement to others before they even arrive to campus and long after they leave. As a committed member of our student body Adrian has exemplified what it means to have Columbia spirit through his actions such as his attendance at every basketball game in the Roar Zone.

John Francis Tuddenham* is recognized for his devotion and leadership to Columbia as COOP coordinator. He has devoted all of his non-academic time helping to create a welcoming community and memorable experience for first years, as well as serving as a responsible and dedicated leader and supportive member within the COOP community.

Duo Xu is recognized for supporting and cultivating spirit as a member of the Crew Team, leader of NSOP, and as a supportive peer. As a member of the crew team, he has represented Columbia and shown his commitment to the institution as a varsity athlete. Serving in leadership positions as a NSOP Crew Chief and Orientation leader, he has shown what it means to have school spirit to those who are just beginning their Columbia experiences

Inclusion & Advocacy 

Karnisa Ufoma Aya is recognized for her activity in the theatre community on campus through her work with the Black Theatre Ensemble. Nissy is extremely dedicated to the group, and it shows through her work in the club and her support of under-heard voices. Nissy played a major role in the collaborative production of “Passing Strange”—a musical of self-discovery—with Columbia Musical Theatre Society. For her work on providing inclusive spaces in these communities, we are happy to award Nissy the award for Inclusion and Advocacy.

Chloe Durkin is recognized for her commitment towards working to create safe spaces for others and putting the needs of other first. Chloe has a prominent presence in the theatre community through her leadership in Columbia Musical Theater Society, The Varsity Show, XMAS, and King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe. These leadership positions have allowed her to bring discussion about sexual violence and mental health issues to the forefront. As president of Latenite, Chloe has been able to bring the club into a more positive light and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of both the cast and audience.

Joshua Fattal is recognized for his encouragement serving as a leader and/or writer for several campus publications, including The Current, The Columbia Political Review and the Undergraduate Law Review, to name just a few, where he has encouraged diversification of thought, and stressed the value of alternative opinions and civil discourse. As a co-founder of Dorm Room Diplomacy, Josh has worked to create an environment and opportunity for students with opposing viewpoints on issues in the Middle East to discuss, debate and learn from each other. 

Noel Gutierrez-Morfin is recognized for continuously working to be inclusive of the Columbia community and for always encouraging others to get involved with the different theatre and writing communities on campus. Noel came to Columbia with no theatre experience, and is now producing large shows as part of King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe. As co-producer of Andronicus—a play that had themes of sexual violence and race—Noel took others opinions into consideration and was able to respectfully engaged the community in discussion on these topics.

Nathen Huang is recognized for his overall welcoming and exciting personality on campus. Nathen is a prominent figure in admissions through his leadership in the Multicultural Recruitment Committee. Nathen plays a major role in the LGBTQA community on campus through his involvement with the Columbia Queer Alliance and the Gay Health Advocacy Project. He works tirelessly to discuss LGBTQA issues, create safe spaces for others, and shares his own story to make others feel comfortable and safe.

Breanna Leslie-Skye is recognized for the major role she plays in the office of admissions as the leader of their Online and External Lion Pack, which seeks to engage students who may not have access to Columbia. Through her work on social media in Admissions Breanna helped in hosting a webinar in the fall that aided students looking to apply to Columbia. Brenna is also involved on campus through her work with the Native American Council, the Columbia Spectator, and was integral in getting Quest Bridge recognized as a student group. 

Armando Lozano is recognized for his dedication to social justice and leadership in the Latino community on campus. Armando committed to supporting the Latino community in terms of making them feel supported and recognizing their value at Columbia. Armando shows his commitment to the Latino community through his leadership in the Chicano Caucus and Columbia Mentoring Initiative’s Latino Family Tree. Armando played an integral part in restructuring the Latino Family Tree to make it more sustainable. 

Danielle Lucero is recognized for her passion and love for Columbia which can be seen through her leadership, mentoring, and advocacy in different communities on campus. Danielle is a leader in Chicano Caucus and was a strong presence during difficult times. Danielle is currently the co-chair of the Native American Council, and uses her role there to reach out to students from underrepresented backgrounds and to mentor other students. Danielle is one of the founding students of AlterNative, a program that advocates for the rights and sovereignty of indigenous people and education within indigenous communities.

David Luna is recognized for being a well-known leader in the group once known as the Chicano Caucus and is responsible for major transformations in the group. David worked to make the group more representative of all and was able to get the name changed to Chincan x Caucus. He has tirelessly worked to make this group a safe space and has challenged members to respect and use the appropriate pronouns when referring to individuals. David played a major role in pushing the creation of the Gender & Sexuality position within the Chican x Caucus.   

Principled Action

Dev Harrington is recognized for their wisdom, kindness, and deep compassion in their role as RA in Q House and co-chair in the Columbia Mentoring Initiative LGBTQ Family Tree.  A quiet leader who creates a safe and welcoming community, Dev is empathetic, firm, and non-judgmental.  During times of crisis, Dev connected students to resources and provided unwavering support to ensure everyone felt safe and understood. 

Jacob Kayen is recognized for his integrity and dedication to revitalizing the PostCrypt Coffeehouse. As Head Manager, he overhauled the leadership structure to formalize positions and ensure longevity, encouraged E-Board members to attend Leadership Workshops, planned events, artists and next year’s budget far in advance, set expectations to uphold policies, and institutionalized new procedures to ensure that artists are paid in a timely manner.

Benjamin Kornick is recognized for his care and determination to provide a quality experience for students as the President of Bacchanal. Professional, driven, mature, and thoughtful, Ben has faced large challenges and obstacles head-on with a goal to find resolution and continue moving forward. Through a difficult planning process for the Bacchanal concert and as a Kenneth Cole Fellow at BronxWorks, Ben rose above conflict to bring both projects to successful completion

Daniela Lapidous is recognized for her commitment to social and environmental justice. A founding member of Barnard Columbia Divest for Climate Justice (BCD), Daniela passionately educates others on climate justice and the impact of the fossil fuel industry.  Quoted in Huffington Post and The Nation, her activism encompasses writing op-ed pieces and speaking locally and nationally with fellow students, media outlets, policy makers, and Columbia administrators.

Michael Li is recognized for his diligent and innovative work as VP Finance of Columbia College Student Council. His willingness to implement changes to the financial structure of student organizing and invest CCSC's surplus and budget in student groups has directly supported over 250 groups on campus. Michael constantly thinks about how to improve inefficient processes and works tirelessly to make the campus a better place.

Alex Mark is recognized for his thoughtful leadership and deep commitment to collaboration. As President of Columbia Musical Theater, Alex engaged in meaningful discussions regarding race/privilege and the role they play in the performing arts. In addition to his design and production talent, Alex is a positive influence who encourages the performing arts community to improve itself and find new ways to come together.

Alexander Pines* is recognized for never compromising who he is and what he feels is right.  While features editor at Bwog, Alexander advocated for more civil discussions and argued for ethical decision making that values journalistic integrity while recognizing the impact of editorial decisions on student safety. In addition to his creative writing and artistic design talents, Alexander is an outstanding facilitator for Under 1 Roof.  He seeks to understand where others are coming from and create dialogue.

Shondrea Thornton* is recognized for her dedication and strong presence in activist spaces. She addresses issues of inequity on campus and in society at large through her work with Students Against Mass Incarceration, Columbia Prison Divest, the Freedom School committee, and organizing events like the Die In. As Black Family Tree Co-Chair and Senior Chair of the Black Students Organization, Shondrea devotes vast amounts of time, love and energy to creating community that supports Black students’ health, safety and wellbeing. 

Sarah Yang is recognized for her perseverance and passionate spirit of devotion as the Grants Chair Morocco, Funding Chair for the Executive Board of Engineers Without Borders and the Student Services Representative of the Engineering Student Council.  Through her involvement in many campus committees, Sarah strives to enhance community at Columbia. Additionally, she is an accomplished violinist with Columbia’s Bach Society and served as pre-orientation leader for the Columbia Urban Experience.

Health & Wellness 

Amy Garvey is recognized for her leadership of positive influence, critical insight, warmth, and intelligence through her role as one of the coordinators and a long-time educator of the Peer Health Exchange. Quiet and reflective, Amy is known for her actions to raise awareness of issues of bias and discrimination, facilitate healthy dialogue, and create space where young people can empower themselves. Amy facilitates wellness within the Columbia community through her thoughtfulness and sensitivity as co-coordinator of Under1Roof and as a member of the Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board.

Leslie Alyse Hill is recognized for her promotion of health and wellness in her role as an RA. As a RA, Leslie paid close attention to the well-being of every resident on her floor and spared no effort to learn about her residents’ needs. She is especially concerned with students’ mental health during midterms and finals, delivering cookies with motivational quotes as well as a warm smile to their doorsteps. She extends her interest beyond the classroom as the Networking Chair for the Society of Women Engineers

Jacoby Shelton is recognized for his dedication to mental wellness by making comforting others his personal mission. He is currently one of the leaders of the Student Wellness Special Interest Community, and takes great pride in his house's mission and accomplishments. He continuously reaches out to fellow students ensuring that they have a friend and a shoulder to lean on. He is a pre-med student, works for the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee (URC) as an Advisory Board member, works with the Columbia Neuroscience Society, and is deeply involved in all Wellness House's projects.

Ajit Singh  is recognized for his exemplification of health and wellness through his community service through on campus organizations benefiting the New York City area, his innovative research, and in his day to day life. Now in his 3rd year of involvement with the Peer Health Exchange Ajit strives to give teenagers the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy decisions.  Ajit is particularly admired for how he uses health as a tool for empowerment.  Wise beyond his years and always ready to help, Ajit is a true friend teeming with integrity, humility and kindness. Ajit is also receiving the Dean’s Award for Leadership Excellence for Health and Wellness. 

Christopher So* is recognized for his commitment to ensuring the well-being of the community, through his involvement as the director of Columbia University Emergency Medical Service (CUEMS), Chris is recognized for his contributions to our campus and his commitment to providing the best possible care for all patients during a medical emergency.  Chris has put a tremendous amount of work into improving the organization and providing the best emergency medical care for this campus and its surrounding community. Under his leadership and tireless work, CUEMS has vastly improved as both a first-responder agency and a tight-knit student group. His composure, attention to detail, and teamwork are attributes that others try to incorporate into their own work ethic.

Yves Maximillian Tseng  is recognized for his work as an Orientation Leader in the International Student Orientation Program (ISOP), where he demonstrated a high level of self-awareness. He leads with authenticity, empathy and good problem-solving skills.  Max listens more than he talks. His excellent listening skills have helped many first-year students to adjust to a new country and university culture during and beyond ISOP. He is known among his peers and first-year students as the "wellness coach." Max has been a great ally in promoting mental wellness within the international community. Max is also being honored with the Van Am Prize.

Kaleel Wainwright is recognized for his role as an RA, where he has been dedicated to ensuring the residents on his floor, especially the first-years, enjoyed and appreciated an inclusive and fun environment. Kaleel also serves as a tutor in Project Tutors, an e-board member of Charles Drew, and is a member of the Mental Health Committee of the Student Health Advisory Committee.  As a Mentor Program Liaison, he has coordinated events with Columbia med school students in order to provide a forum where they can engage with and mentor Columbia pre-meds. 

Clarice Zhou is recognized for her involvement in the Columbia University Emergency Medical Service (CUEMS), for 4 years. In that time, she has excelled as an Emergency Medical Technician, Crew Chief, and the Captain (Chief Medical Officer). She has volunteered well over 2000 hours and helped over 200 patients, most of whom are fellow Columbia students.  Clarice possesses a remarkable capacity for caring for others whether they are patients or other members of CUEMS.  Clarice is not the type of person to seek out recognition for her actions, but she is someone that is most deserving of it. 

Indelible Mark 

Omar Abboud is recognized for his leadership in the establishment and growth of resources of the Arab and Middle Eastern community at Columbia. In addition to serving as the tireless and dedicated Director-General of the Columbia Model United Nations Conference and Exposition, he has raised the cultural, social, and political awareness of the Middle East as President of Turath and chair of the Arab and Middle Eastern Tree of the Columbia Mentoring Initiative. From creating a better mechanism to outreach to students in moments of crises to bringing attention to practices that have made various populations invisible on campus, his strength, savviness, and uncompromised integrity have furthered conversations with and commitments by administrators to increase the inclusion, care, and safety for all students.

Loxley Bennett is being recognized for his ability to create lasting bridges within and across communities on campus and his willingness to leverage his position within the Columbia community to stand up for issues concerning racial inclusion and campus climate, even when his perspective may not have been popular. As a student coordinator of the Students of Color Leadership Retreat, Student Engagement fellow, and a student coordinator for the new Intergroup Community Building Initiative, he has taken great pride in helping to shape initiatives aimed at addressing campus culture and issues that create tensions within the Columbia community. Always ready to engage in substantive and productive dialogue with individuals and communities who may not agree, he is a leader among his peers. 

Xavier Jarret  is recognized for their role in shifting campus dialogue to be more inclusive of intersectionality by constantly challenging our community in how race, class, and gender identity and expression are understood. Through their leadership in Q House, Proud Colors, Peer Health Exchange, and Under1Roof, their critical insight, openness to tackle challenging social dynamics, and effective activism bring important conversations into spaces where difficult conversations do not regularly happen. Their masterful facilitation style skillfully creates an engaging environment for fellow students to become more aware of the systems of social construction and privilege in which they operate and more accountable in how they can be effective allies.            

Lucero Jorge  has made a lasting impact on all of the communities she enters. As a leader in Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), Grupo Quisqueyano (GQ), Casa Latina, and Quest Bridge she never let her position limit or define what she must do. As the current president of FLIP,  First Generation Low Income Partnership, she began and managed the first ever campus wide textbook drive aimed to create a borrowing library for students, collecting more than 600+ books accessible to students without charge. Her dedication and unwavering support have created positive change at Columbia.

Tony Lee  is recognized for the critical reforms he implemented as president of the Activities Board at Columbia. Transparency, accountability, and efficiency has been a cornerstone of his leadership and inspired the needed changes within the governing board. Always present with a calm demeanor, open mind, humor, and thoughtful words, Tony has streamlined new group recognition processes, made funding decision more visible, and effectively moved fellow leaders through difficult conversations. His leadership truly inspires the next generation to continue positive reform.  Tony will also be honored with the Alumni Association Achievement Award at Class Day.

Caitlin Lowellis recognized as a driving force in the establishment and development of more substantive spaces for mental wellness and support across campus. In her advocacy for institutional and social change on campus through leadership in Columbia Queer Alliance, GendeRevolution, and Wellness Project, she has provided critical insight on how identity is a crucial consideration in understanding, supporting, and providing resources for individuals. As her leadership in the LGBTQ Family Tree Chair of the Columbia Mentoring Initiative reflect, this activism is fueled by her sincere care and dedication to others. 

Jared Odessky is recognized for his creation of platforms for change and advocacy for his fellow students. He has used his leadership in positions such as First Year Class President, VP of Communications for the Senior Class, and as a University Senator to challenge a culture of complacency and self-interest in Student Government into one of advocacy, simply by being principled, dedicated, and kind. His advocacy includes demanding a committee to address the discriminatory treatment of communities of color on campus, spearheading the creation of ballot initiatives, and creating WTF Columbia, a platform for students to demand change from student government.

Charles Sanky  is recognized for the deep integrity, selflessness, compassion for others, and sincerity that informs his unique leadership, and which inspire his peers to carry that same spirit across the Columbia community.  From the enthusiastic embrace of our newest Columbians as the CC & SEAS chair for NSOP to the genuine desire to make campus a better experience for all students through his advocacy in his Student Services Rep role in CCSC, he deeply believes each perspective is important and every person matters. He has become a model for others in how to make the campus experience a more caring community for all. 

Mandeep Singh is recognized for the powerful impact he has made for creating spaces and platforms that allow marginalized and silenced students to be central and heard at the University. As President of CU Sewa, he helped re-envision the group to promote the universal values found in Sikhism -- social justice, peace, equality, community service. These values are foundational in how he inspires campus, brings diverse communities together, and advocates for substantive student support. One of the co-founders of the FLIP, he has been an influential voice and undeniable force in creating a movement to institutionalize greater services and support for first generation and low income students. Mandeep’s legacy of advocacy empowers other students to create legacies of their own. 

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Senior Marshals

Columbia College Senior Marshals

Tia AgaEmerald GearingAndrew Ren
Hahn ChangChristopher GodshallTrinidad Reyes
Chloe DurkinRishab GuhaRyan Rivera
Marjana ChowdhuryNathen HuangRicardo Rodriguez
Omoyeni ClementPan KimAri Schuman
Koryalys EdwardMichael LiAdrian Silver
Ryan ElivoDanielle Lucero Jonathan Smerling
Melissa FichDoreen Mohamad  
Othanya Garcia   Jared Odessky 
Amy GarveyBrianna Olamiju 

SEAS Senior Marshals

Toululpe AkinadeEdwin Mejia
Samantha ChibwowaHao Pham
Lee Andre FuquaStephanie Severe
Ankita GoreAniekeme Umoh
Jennifer MahanBrian Wu
Matan MarkindJustin Zhao

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Named Awards

Presented at the King's Crown Leadership Excellence Awards Ceremony

Columbia College

James Christohper Caraley Memorial Prize:Asha Ransby-Sport CC'16

Stanley I. Fishel / Zeta Beta Tau Prize: Tyler Zimmet CC'16

Richard H. Fox Memorial Prize: Claire Sheridan CC'15

Robert Harron Award: Dev Harrington CC'16

Milch Prize: Charles Sanky CC'16

Leonard A. Pullman Memorial Prize: Kareem Carryl CC'15

Robert Shellow Gerdy Prize: Joshua Fattal CC'15

Van Am Prize: Jasmin Feliciano CC'17, Breanna Leslie-Skye CC'17, Yves Maximillian Tseng CC'17

The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Zvi Galil Award for Improvement in Engineering Student Life: Application Development Initiative (ADI)

Thomas "Pop" Harrington Medal: Kathilee Kenlock SEAS '15

Bernard Jaffe Prize for the Encouragement of Inventiveness in Engineering: Elizabeth Carrolo, SEAS '15

Robert D. Lilley Award for Socially Responsible Engineering: Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Class Day Awards

Columbia College

Alumni Association Achievement Award: Tony Lee

Alumni Prize: Beulah Agbabiaka

Charles H. Bjorkwall Prize: Loxley Bennett 

Edward S. Brainard Prize: Caitlin Lowell

Albert Asher Green Memorial Prize: Daniel Listwa

Robert Lincoln Carey Memorial Prize: Armando Lozano

Charles M. Rolker Prize: Mandeep Singh

Scholar Athlete Award: Ashok Narayana

David B. Truman Alumni Award: Rajan Gupta

The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Scholar Athlete Award: Brendon Fish

School of Engineering Student Activities Award: Mariah Gladstone

George Vincent Wendell Memorial Medal: Tolulope Akinade

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Undergraduate Student Life


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