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2014 Honorees

The following students are being honored with a variety of awards and honors this spring, including the King's Crown Leadership Excellence Awards, Senior Marshals, Named Awards, and Class Day Awards.

King's Crown Leadership Excellence Awards

The King's Crown Leadership Excellence Awards recognize student and student group leadership and contributions across eight categories listed below.  Honorees receive a Certificate of Distinction for Leadership Excellence in their noted category.  Select honorees also received the Dean's Award for Leadership Excellence in their category, indicated by an asterisk below.

Community Building 

Nelson Castano for his demonstrated ability to bring students together and advocacy of shared community issues, especially as a leader of the Latino Constituency, Sigma Lambda Beta, Latino Heritage Month, Columbia PorColombia, and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

*Sarah Fakhry for creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all Middle Eastern and Arab students as a Co-Chair of the Columbia Mentoring Initiative and for fostering a sense of community and enhancing the quality of life in the residence halls.

Terranisha Hiley for making Columbia a welcoming space for first generation college students and for her initiative in creating an open dialogue to strengthen the diverse Columbia community.

*Rushal Rege for building bridges on campus that span cultural divides, school affiliations, and communities, for his ability to engage the student body, and for his leadership in Club Zamana, Engineering Student Council, Engineers Without Borders, and Lambda Phi Epsilon.

Leslie Sanchez for her work creating unity among the Latino groups on campus, for her initiative in fostering inclusive dialogue and collaboration within the community as a coordinator of the Latino Ivy League Conference, and for her leadership in Grupo Quisqueyano, the Student Organization of Latinos, and the Latino Heritage Month Committee.

Wendy Sun for her demonstrated initiative bringing together groups both on campus and beyond as Vice President of the Society of Women Engineers and for her commitment to building strong residential communities. 

Jackson Tse for his work establishing the Columbia College Student Ambassadors initiative to promote a closer sense of community on campus and for creating a welcoming environment for transfer students by spearheading the successful meet & greet event, From Transfer to Transfer.

Victoria Velez for her exemplary leadership as President of the Society of Hispanic Professionals and Engineers and for her work building community as an active member of the Multicultural Recruitment Committee and the Latino Constituency.

Andrew Wright for his initiative and vision as President of Columbia Musical Theater Society and for his unwavering commitment to building, broadening, and making all feel welcome within the musical theater community.

Ben Xue for his outstanding leadership as an ABC representative, for his tireless work on events and programs that bring the community together, and for his leadership within, advocacy for, and collaboration between student groups on campus.

Civic Responsibility

Jane Brennan exemplifies what it means to be civically minded! From her leadership with Community Lunch, Community Impact Executive Board, Community Impact Leadership Program, and Peace by PEACE, she has consistently brought strong leadership, a vision and the keen ability to act and follow through on that vision. She is deeply committed to improving the lives of others while engaging fellow students in calls to action. Jane’s life purpose is attaining social justice and inciting civic responsibility in others. This, aligned with her academic focus has allowed her to embody the meaning of service learning and civic engagement while also elevating her impact!

Aurora Gilbert As an executive Board Member with Global Brigades, Aurora has been integral in improving the program mission and raising awareness about the injustices impacting the Latin American community through social media, fundraisers and volunteer recruitment efforts. Aurora’s passion for inciting civic responsibility and has left a lasting legacy on the Global Brigades.

Chris Godshall is a great example of the type of selfless, reflective, and bold students that the Columbia community benefits greatly from. His work as Student Service Representative on the Columbia College Student Council has been particularly influential in increasing student voice and engagement with administrative decision making. Chis participated in the redesign of the Housing Advisory Board, set up the CUIT Advisory Board, Dining Advisory Board, and has worked to reinstate the Public Safety Advisory Board all to better serve his fellow students.

Kate Offerdahl’s life work is to actively lobby for the inclusion of the youth-supported legislation. As a member of Columbia University Coalition on Sustainable Development (CUCSD), Kate lead the partnership with My City +20, a collaboration of organizations that held worldwide youth conferences pertaining to the policy discussion in approach of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio. She has worked in Washington, D.C. on the White House Council on Environmental Quality as well. Kate’s tireless and unparalleled commitment to youth involvement and environmental justice, specifically in the field of sustainable development, is simply impressive.

*Shamm Petros, in her work with the UN Refugee Agency, has been a tireless advocate for how those of African descent are treated around the world. Additionally, she collaborated with the African Students Association to educate members about the situation of African refugees in various parts of Europe and the Middle East. Shamm wants to spend her life giving back to her community. And this is precisely what she will do as after graduation: Shamm will be travelling to continue this work in Kenya, a central transit point for refugees from the Horn of Africa.

Wes Rodriguez In Wes’s leadership in Community Impact's Columbia Youth Adventurers program, a weekend social excursion mentorship program, he has been integral in recruiting, retaining, and training volunteers. He has made it his mission to ensure volunteers understand the importance of mentorship from their initial contact through confirming commitment to the program. In his role with the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Social Committee, he has collaborated with other student groups to organize and participate in community events, such as park cleanups, postcrypt coffeehouses, Relay for Life, and Columbia Community Outreach. All in all, Wes inspires action and care for community in a way that many students are not able to achieve.

Sammy Roth With a passion for global issues and environmental sustainability, Sammy has successfully influenced in-depth coverage on these subjects through his work with the Columbia Spectator. He oversaw a special Spec supplement on the University’s global centers, in addition to important, much-talked-about pieces on the minimal financial aid that international students receive. And as a sustainable development major, Sammy has spent most of his free time beyond the newspaper raising awareness on water issues with the Columbia Aquanauts with dogged determinism.

*Mandeep Singh As co-founder of CU Sewa, a club promoting the values of peace, equality, social justice, and selfless service, Mandeep exemplifies these values. Under his leadership, CUSewa has reestablished the presence of the Sikh community on the Columbia campus by starting conversations about hate crimes against Sikhs, organizing Turban Day, which raises awareness about the significance of the Turban, leading a DREAM Act campaign, hosting panels and dialogues, and weekly soup kitchen trips. 

Shondrea Thornton Currently serving as Political/Education Chair of Black History Month, a participant in the Student of Color Leadership Retreat (SOCLR), Sister Circle, Students Against Mass Incarceration (SAMI), and resident of the Intercultural House (ICH), Shondrea is truly as example of a student committed to addressing issues of social justice, civic responsibility, and global citizenship.

Innovation and Enhancement

Ahmet Ali Arslan for his commitment to the efficiency of WKCR by improving and enhancing multiple systems and processes of the studio, including regeneration of the headphone monitor system, implementation of the digital storage mechanisms for archival footage, and reinstatement of digital multi-track capabilities for station recording.

Hubert Chang for his ingenuity in engineering through focused research studying the effects of recycled concrete in structural concrete as a consideration in natural disaster prone communities; his research leading to a published piece in Consilience, a student-run research publication; along with serving as VP of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and his tremendous design and construction contributions to multiple Columbia theatrical productions.

Sara Chase for her dedication to raise awareness, support, and visibility for  the Native community on campus by encouraging both Columbia students and the greater NY community to engage in the culture of this group; her commitment to the Powwow Ceremonies, which brought individuals from both on and off campus together at Columbia to allow shared experiences, shared resources, and overall support for one another; and  her work with the MRC, in which she has remained focused on increasing the presence and visibility of the Native Community, encouraging more native students  to learn about and enroll with Columbia.

*Lorenzo Gibson for the strong impact he has made on his community through his work on the Men of Color Alliance; the development of a safe and engaging discussion space for students of color; his consistent focus on creating diversity in MCA programming; taking the initiative to ensure adequate funding through grants and other creative methods; and his overall leadership in building lasting and meaningful relationships across campus.

Nora Habboosh for the enthusiasm and initiative she has shown for building academic community in her role as CCSC Academic Affairs Representative; through her work on the CCSC departmental advising initiative, in which she has committed to the development of a new academic database designed to give students access to information, resources, and connections within their intended major, providing students with tools they need to feel more connected to professors, advisors, and each other;  and her role as an integral player in re-enforcing the Academic Honor code, championing the message to new students through NSOP 2013.

Nikhil Krishnan for his persistent efforts and forward thinking used to suggest and improve policies affecting the experience of student groups and their events on campus; as VP of Activities Board, a role in which he was able to transform the space reservation system holding student groups accountable for their commitments; by ensuring effective data gathering to inform the pre-calendaring process each semester, through which he has revolutionized an often frustrating process, making it transparent, fair, and efficient.

*Tony Lee for his transformation of processes and procedures initiated by ABC related to student group planning; for  improving efficiency as president of ABC, by condensing the student group recognition processes that previously could take weeks and months to work through down to only a few days, encouraging a more disciplined process for de-recognition, and adjusting time restrictions on pre-calendaring, all in an effort to improve the student group’s experience.

Michael Li for his unique focus on fiscal responsibility in his work on Joint Council Co-Sponsorship Committee and the CCSC Finance Board by promoting equity, transparency, and consistency in club allocations and council spending; through tracking systems and automated applications, encouraging required review of historical spending and allocation data to influence and impact decisions going forward; and building through his initiatives overall efficiency, trust, and credibility for student council processes among the student group community.

Lucelys Popoter for her visionary leadership for and dedication to successfully win the bid to bring the 8th Annual Latino Ivy League Conference to Columbia; her thoughtful planning and leading the fundraising efforts required to plan and execute the Latino Heritage Month showcase; and her overall commitment to bringing together the Latino and Dominican communities on campus and in NYC, leading to open discussion, partnership, and many new collaborative initiatives.

*Kevin Zhang for his dedication and leadership in the Columbia organization of Rising Entrepreneurs; his instrumental efforts in bringing influential speakers to campus; providing coding lessons and pitch workshops to students; collaborating with the Center for Career Education to develop the first start-up internship program during the spring semester; and an overall personal commitment to providing visibility and resources for the growing entrepreneurial spirit on campus.

Columbia Spirit 

Liz Chen for her passion and commitment to Columbia through her work with Columbia’s Goju Ryu Karate Club, as well as mentoring students as a leader of both Columbia University Financial Engineering and the Columbia Finance Mentorship Program, and for creating a community and new opportunities for students interested in business and finance.

Jonathan Kim shows his Columbia Spirit by helping students when they arrive for the New Student Orientation Program and supporting them throughout their time on campus, whether it be through his work with the Center for Student Advising, or just providing a friendly ear to listen. This award is for his leadership and continued involvement in NSOP for Visiting, Transfer, and Exchange Students, and for helping students with their transitions to Columbia.

Daniela Quintanilla for her contagious school spirit, commitment to engaging the senior class as a representative on CCSC, and for contributing to and sparking campus-wide discussions around diversity and differences as a contributor to the Columbia Daily Spectator.

Ayushi Roy may just be Columbia’s number one fan. Ayushi’s love for Columbia has been shown in various ways, including her dedication to making Columbia a more supportive and better place for her peers as president of the Inter-Publications Alliance and member of Sister Circle.

Charles Sanky for his commitment to helping and supporting fellow students as a member of CU-EMS, Wind Ensemble, and a leader of the New Student Orientation Program. Charles is recognized for his professionalism, dedication, and desire to support his fellow students.

Jourdan Sayers As a member of the athletic community, Jourdan has shown her Columbia Spirit through her commitment to ensuring that Columbia is an inclusive and supportive environment, especially for LGBTQA student-athletes and her work on Athlete Ally Week. Jourdan is recognized for her energy, commitment, and passion for Columbia University.

Zach Vargas Sullivan for providing a welcoming environment for his peers, fostering strong community bonds wherever he goes, founding Columbia Sharp an all-male a cappella group, and his dedicated work on student council focusing on accountability, communication, and respect for those that often go unnoticed.

Ana Vinueza Through her infectious charisma, dedication, and love for Columbia, Ana has demonstrated leadership by helping to create an inclusive community through her work on Latino Heritage Month and Grupo Quisqueyano. She also has been a strong supporter of all groups, willing to lend a hand or a smile whenever needed.

Kalena Zimmerman for her leadership of the Undergraduate Admissions Multicultural Recruitment Committee, work with Malama Hawaii, and the Native American Council. Kalena is recognized for embodying the Columbia Spirit by supporting prospective and current students and helping to build a diverse, tolerant, and inclusive community.

Sarah Yee for her contributions to student life and athletics as a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee and a national ranked fencer, Sarah, along with the committee, has worked to build unity amongst athletic teams. Sarah has also served on the Title IX Team and the Columbia College Student Council Campus Life Committee, helping to organize programs such as Bagelpalooza and Basketball Mania.

Inclusion & Advocacy 

Tia Aga for her engaging spirit and positive leadership as co-chair of the Columbia Mentoring Initiative’s Indigenous Family Tree, by not only helping secure the foundation of this new tree of CMI, but also help create bridges between the American Indigenous/Native community and Pacific Islanders through programming and outreach.

Kyla Cheung for her dedication as a skilled facilitator through ROOTEd and FemSex to create inclusive, safe spaces for students to engage in accessible dialogue on power and privilege and to connect across identities and experiences.

Xavier  Jarrett for ongoing commitment and critical eye used to challenge the campus community to acknowledge invisible identities, to include those voices missing from conversations, and proactively strategize to ensure processes are more inclusive, particularly through serving on the LGBTQA Community leadership planning committee, as a member of the Q House, and as an Under1Roof student facilitator.

Lena Jorde for her dedication and continuous leadership in SisterCircle, which has inspired a deep sense of community, solidarity, and understanding within the group, and for the personal support she has provided to women of color across campus through personal, academic, professional, and social challenges.

Lucero Jorge for her strides towards positive social change through reshaping the agenda of Grupo Quisqueyano as Events Chair, addressing college access as Educational co-chair of Latino Heritage Month, and opening doors for youth in the community as Mentoring Chair of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Lucero has also been selected for the Van Am Prize.

*Caitlin Lowell for creating a more inclusive and socially responsible campus community by promoting the necessity to address intersecting identities as President of Columbia Queer Alliance, Columbia Mentoring Initiative’s LGBTQA Family Tree chair, and Secretary of GendeRevolution, and for her tireless efforts to expand the Q House into a brownstone and securing gender neutral bathrooms in Lerner this year.

*Andrew Morrow for his passionate advocacy for social justice and raising critical attention to complicated contemporary social issues as the current President of the Black Students Organization, and his tireless commitment to engage men as allies in anti-violence work through his leadership in the Men's Peer Education program.

Briana Rice for her dynamic leadership with the Black Students Organization, its Youth Leadership Conference, Black Graduation, and Columbia/ Barnard Peer Health Exchange, and for her constant efforts to create inclusive safe spaces for all students to feel valued and supported.

Shannon Sullivan for her continued impact and leadership on the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee and as co-chair of the Multicultural Recruitment Committee, inspiring the next generation of Columbia students, especially our future engineers and women and students of color considering the STEM fields.

Christopher Zombik for his individual determination to make Columbia a more supportive place for first-generation college students, and whose ideas helped inspire the Center for Student Advising’s first-generation student brunch series.

Principled Action

Liam Bland for his commitment to the betterment of community and society as a whole. Liam has demonstrated this commitment through the Kenneth Cole program, where he worked with the Majora Carter Group to lay the plans to build a technology start up space to help low income members of the community access education and training opportunities. He has demonstrated wisdom beyond has years and is appreciated for his ability to ask the right questions to move the conversation, no matter how difficult they may be, while at the same time maintaining communication and respect amongst peers.

Kareem Carryl serves as a class representative for the Columbia College Class Council of 2015. He dedicated a strong sense of commitment to the common goal of the planning committee for the spring formal for the class of 2015. In working through these partnerships, Kareem was able to guide the committee through a series of difficult decisions and was also able to focus on the goal of building community and camaraderie across the class of 2015.

Darializa Chevalier for her work with the Title IX team and efforts to begin a community-wide campaign to reform Columbia’s attitudes and policies toward sexual assault. Her demonstrated leadership in this effort has created a space where students can unite under a common cause, which is for a revised policy regarding the transparency, education, safety, and administrative support for the management of incidents of sexual assault.

Jessica Chi for her work with Residential Programs as a Resident Adviser and her commitment to the PanHellenic Community. She has served as a facilitator for the RC@C Program and has also served in various capacities for New Student Orientation programs. Jessica was part of the Alcohol and Drug Conference Delegation. She is very active and involved on campus and promotes safe and responsible choices in a variety of social circles.

Elliot Kwon for his continued commitment and efforts as an advocate for affordable housing. Elliot has worked to recruit 60 students each year to participate in service projects with organizations such a Habitat of Humanity, Brush with Kindness, and New York Cares.  Elliot has also planned educational panels, and, for Instance, a panel that brought together members of Union Settlement and NYC Restoration projects to campus for dialogue and motivating students to action.

Mariam Maki for her work as the co-chair of the Columbia Mentoring Initiative Arab/Middle Eastern Family Tree and as a leader in Turath, an Arab/Middle Eastern cultural student organization. Miriam has always been the student voice to advocate for a different way of viewing things that were more inclusive of student identities. She has demonstrated a commitment to breaking down barriers and engaging her peers in moral discussions about the importance or religious inclusivity, gender relations, and representation of Persian identified students. 

Shawn Patel for his work with fraternity life and with the Inter-fraternity council. Shawn has served as a moral compass for the IFC. Specifically, according to one of his nominators, “his continued commitment to help change the image from a group only about partying.” Shawn has demonstrated a commitment to work with the IFC to realign their practices with their values. He also participated in the Ivy Alcohol and Other Drug conference hosted at Penn.

*Sejal  Singh for her open commitment to justice and the leadership of the CU Dems. Her continued efforts around women’s rights as well as her work in bringing complete health care access that was once inaccessible to Columbia students. Most notable of her efforts has been he work on Sexual Assault policy reform at Columbia University. Sejal has pushed the student body to discuss the true meaning of community and to take steps in manifesting what it truly means.

*Trinidad Reyes for her extensive commitment to the Latino Community at Columbia. As the House Coordinator for Casa Latina, Trinidad has worked to create a communal space with the aim being to unify the various Latino organizations on campus. Trinidad has also been present in both voice and action with a variety of social issues that continue to impact the Latino community which includes but is not limited to the Dream Act.

*Adam Wilson for his commitment to the continued growth and development of resources on campus. Adam’s leadership with the QHouse, as a representative for SGB, and as an active participant in the LGBTQ community at Columbia has manifested in many ways, some of which include, encouraging open communication, education around diversity and inclusive spaces, and the creation of safer spaces for difficult dialogue, self-reflection, and growth.

Health & Wellness 

Tolulope Akinade for her passionate advocacy and commitment to wellness, through her leadership with the National Society for Black Engineer,s and with the Charles Drew Premedical Society.

Haylin Belay for her enthusiastic dedication to educating and connecting students with available campus resources through Alice! Health Promotion and for her sensitivity to others as a ROOTEd facilitator.

Dennis Dacarett-Galeano for his innovation in promoting self-care amongst his peers, and for his thoughtfulness and sensitivity to others, through his inventive yoga series and as a ROOTEd facilitator.

*Kebe Kebe for her outstanding leadership and compassion in her work with the Intercultural Resource Center (IRC), Sister Circle, and Alice! Health Promotion, demonstrating exemplary skills in mediation, facilitation, commitment to social justice, and community building.

Brianna Olamiju for her positive leadership and dedication to building community through her work with the Charles Drew Pre-Med Society, the pre-health special interest community, Woodbury Community Ambulance, Health Leads at Harlem Hospital, and the Peer Health Exchange.

*Christine Wang for her leadership and inspiring commitment to volunteerism with Community Impact’s SHOUT and Health Leads programs, and showing exemplary dedication to improving the lives of Columbia’s neighbors in the surrounding communities.

Indelible Mark 

Siddhant Bhatt for his work on the Engineering Student Council resulting in a greater sense of community, dedication, and spirit among the SEAS undergraduate population. Sidd has been instrumental in making improvements to the Engineering and campus-wide community, including reopening Watson Library to undergraduates, increasing the accessibility of the Law Library’s wireless network for all Columbia students, and the 3/2 students’ residence hall gaining wifi access.

Hahn Chang for his multi-year term as Student Executive Board member for Community Impact, where he serves as the Campus Relations Exec, increasing connections to many student groups across campus and greatly improving Community Impact’s ability to find quality volunteers, as well as for his initiation and conceptualization of the first ever Community Impact Nonprofit Career Fair, which has gone on to a second year and is clearly a significant addition to campus offerings.

Onella Cooray for her ongoing work with the International Students Orientation program – from participant to Orientation Leader, to Co-Coordinator. Through her dedication and commitment to supporting international students, the program has become an essential aid in the transition to Columbia for many international students and promises to continue to have this positive effect.

Alex Donnelly for his dedicated and thoughtful leadership of the performing arts community in working to re-connect the undergraduate community to the Arts Initiative and open up the Columbia University Performing Arts League to a wider diversity of disciplines, adding many music and dance groups to the core of theater groups represented within CUPAL.

*Ben Harris for his far reaching contributions to the Columbia community, from his work with the Gay Health Advocacy Project (GHAP) to his tireless efforts to improve the production capabilities and increase available space for the performing Arts. Ben has been at the forefront of the conversations with administrators, faculty, students and alumni, and has engaged deeply in the work to move his multiple communities forward in visibility, effectiveness, and inclusion.

Milo Inglehart for the long-standing and wide-ranging work done to strengthen and create a more inclusive LGBTQ Community on campus. As President of CQA, Milo has cultivated an environment for relationships, partnerships, and co-sponsorships that had not existed in the past and will carry on as a part of CQA’s institutional memory, as well as a deep involvement with the Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board and Under1Roof  – and Milo does all of this with a perfect balance of strength and empathy.

Julian Noisecat for the tremendous impact he has made on the Columbia community, with specific work around the support for and awareness of issues facing indigenous peoples. His advocacy has helped lead to the creation of Manhattan House, the Columbia Mentoring Initiative Indigenous Family Tree, and the plaque recognizing the Lenape people, original inhabitants of Morningside Heights. 

Laura Quintela for the full body of work producing and supporting a wide range of dance and theatre within the Columbia community and for continued commitment to putting the good of the group before self-interest.  Additionally, for her “can-do” attitude and positive approach to problem-solving, which has both served her well and paved a positive path for her successors.

Gerardo Romo for his dedicated work with the LGBTQ Family Tree and as co-Chair of QUAM, as well as his strong leadership of Proud Colors – fostering inclusivity and the understanding and support of his and his fellow students’ multiple identities. Gerrado’s work on campus has led to a Columbia community more engaged in the difficult conversation of race, class, and queerness, and resulting in safer spaces for all students. 

Walter Jean-Jacques   For his wide-ranging work supporting students of color in their college experience, as past President of the Haitian Students Association, Chair of the Columbia Mentoring Initiative (CMI) Black Family Tree, Columbia College Chair of Black History Month 2014, Public Relations Chair of the Black Student Group Consortium, Vice-President of Programming for the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc., and Multicultural Greek Council Board Member of the Intercultural Greek Judicial Board.  Additionally, Walter has made an impact interning with the US House of Representatives, Congressional Black Caucus, and African-American Policy Forum, among others.  

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Senior Marshals

Columbia College Senior Marshals

Mario AlvarezMarilyn HeKatie Peyser
Michael CadizShaynah D. JonesMy Seppo
Daphne ChenJoanna KellyAlexander Smyk
Yilin Tim ChenHamza Ali KhanSruti Sriram
Bintu ContehLuisa LizoainAmanda Suarez
Kristin EmodiRoniquee MarksmanZach Vargas Sullivan
Samuel EngelWilliam MaxfieldScarlett Tohme
Aurora GilbertBruno Rigonatti Mendes   Christina Vlahos
Abdul Rafay Hanif   Samuel MickelBenjamin Xue
Lucy HeEvan MunroKalena Zimmerman

SEAS Senior Marshals

John AngaritaJiaqi Liu
Ahmet Ali ArslanDaniel O'Leary
Brittany BeckerOlarn Pornpitaksuk
Devante BledsoeTanya Shah
Farsai ChaikulngamdeeGeorge Zhao
Hubert ChangAngela Zhu
Jonathan Kim 

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Named Awards

Presented at the King's Crown Leadership Excellence Awards Ceremony

Columbia College

James Christohper Caraley Memorial Prize: Ryan Elivo CC'15

Stanley I. Fishel / Zeta Beta Tau Prize: Wes Rodriguez CC'14

Richard H. Fox Memorial Prize: Milo Ingelhart CC'15

Robert Harron Award: Jourdan Sayers CC'15

Milch Prize: Julian Noisecat CC'14

Leonard A. Pullman Memorial Prize: Walter Jean-Jacques CC'14

Robert Shellow Gerdy Prize: Daniela Quintanilla CC'14

Van Am Prize: Lucero Jorge CC'16 and Charles Sanky CC'16

The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Zvi Galil Award for Improvement in Engineering Student Life: Columbia Organization for Rising Entrepreneurs (CORE)

Thomas "Pop" Harrington Medal: Leslie Sanchez SEAS '14

Bernard Jaffe Prize for the Encouragement of Inventiveness in Engineering: John Poppe, SEAS '15

Robert D. Lilley Award for Socially Responsible Engineering: Application Design Initiative (ADI)

Class Day Awards

Columbia College

Alumni Association Achievement Award: Samantha Goldfarb 

Alumni Prize: Conan Cassidy 

Charles H. Bjorkwall Prize: Jane Brennan 

Edward S. Brainard Prize: Ayushi Roy 

Albert Asher Green Memorial Prize: Victoria Robson

Robert Lincoln Carey Memorial Prize: Jordan Lebovic

Charles M. Rolker Prize: Nora Habboosh

Scholar Athlete Award: Marvellous Iheukwemere

David B. Truman Alumni Award: Nora Habboosh 

The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Scholar Athlete Award: Andrew Tan

School of Engineering Student Activities Award: Wendy Sun

George Vincent Wendell Memorial Medal: Joshua P. Muniz

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