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This initiative is aimed at creating a more cohesive Columbia community that is affirming to all identities and creates a space for healthy discourse about divisive issues.  One of the greatest strengths of our community is its diversity-both of thought and identities. Our goal is to give undergraduate students the tools and skills to engage in dialogues that enrich their educational experiences and engender respect for, and accountability to their fellow students.  Furthermore, we hope that students will feel an increased sense of connection to groups outside of their own, become more engaged in activities that bridge communities on campus, and feel a greater sense of connection to the Columbia community as a whole.

  • Students will increase their awareness and understanding of the concerns, issues, and experiences of campus communities other than their own
  • Students will develop new conflict management skills and accountability measures to help peers foster more civil and respectful campus dialogues about difficult issues
  • Students will exhibit an increased interest in engaging with students across differences and report an increased investment in the Columbia community as a whole


Multicultural Affairs


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