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Men of Color Alliance (MCA)

Men of Color Alliance Meet & Greet

The Men of Color Alliance seeks to provide a safe and supportive space for self-identified Men of Color (Asian/Pacific Islander, Black/African, Arab/Middle Eastern, Latino, and/or Native/Indigenous). In an effort to strengthen bonds, we encourage service, foster intercultural unity and promote leadership in the greater Columbia University community. 

Men of Color Alliance (MCA), established in 2013 through the Office of Multicultural Affairs, is a program that brings together men of color (those who may identify as Asian/Pacific Islander, Black/African, Arab/Middle Eastern, Latino, and/or Nativ/Indigenous heritage) at Columbia University in the City of New York to build a sense of community and solidarity. MCA serves as a resource group for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff of color, creating a support network to encourage each other's academic, professional and personal growth. MCA creates open, honest dialogue by examining daily challenges faced at Columbia University. We present a variety of activities that consist of engaging discussions, interactive workshops, and mentorship.

Event Highlights
Tackling Violence: Rethinking the Male Identity Flyer
Changing the Narrative for Our Boys of Color in Education
Wings & Things with MCA (Fall 2013)
MCA & SisterCircle Gender Fishbowl
Alumni Dinner Discussion with David Johns '04

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