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Fostering an inclusive on campus environment in tandem with our roles within local and global contexts is crucial as the cultural and social identities of diversity continue to increase and shift.  Multicultural Affairs responds to this necessity through OMA Diversity Education and Training.  In recognizing that diversity, social change and equity must be addressed at multiple, interconnected levels, the goals of OMA Diversity Education and Training, based on our three tiered educational and programmatic approach, are to:

  • Prepare students in developing an understanding of their personal and social identities
  • Guide students in exploration and self-reflection of intersectionality within social, cultural and historical contexts
  • Create and encourage dialogue and advocacy that will increase community-building and cross-cultural understanding
  • Teach students practical skills and tools for navigating differences within environments
  • Provide greater knowledge and strategies to support historically and socially marginalized underserved communities
  • Engage the University community in purposeful conversations that create sustainable social change

 More Information About Requesting a Training or Workshop:

  • We are now accepting requests for Fall 2017. Requests should be submitted at least a month before the preferred date of your workshop.
  • Offices, student groups and programs directly impacting CC/SEAS students have priority in requests. Unfortunately, not all requests will be accommodated. 
  • We will be able to accommodate some night and weekend requests, however Monday - Friday, 9:00a.m. - 7:00p.m. is preferable.
  • A meeting with our staff may be required to learn more about the goals of the request.
  • Requestors are required to reserve the appropriate room/space and are also responsible for providing the necessary supplies.
  • Requests are reviewed the following Tuesday after submission. Confirmation and/or requests for additional information will be sent by the Friday after the review.
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