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Motto: "Challenging Service"

"Challenging Service"

Our motto - "Challenging Service" - is not meant to imply that people shouldn't serve or volunteer, but it is meant to get people to think critically about how and why they do that work. 

The ABP is founded on two primary civic-engagement principals. First an ABP team's work is solution-based. Second, the program strongly encourages teams to use Social Entrepreneurship when designing their civic-engagement projects.

Sometimes well-meaning service is at best unhelpful, and at worst hurtful to the very communities that need help. Why? Because the well-meaning people seeking to serve have not taken the time to learn from the community what the challenges are and what tools are needed to address them. 

The ABP challenges you to think critically about civic engagement and how you match your team's interests, resources, talents, and time with the community you want to serve and the challenge you want to tackle. 

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